SMILE Vol.32 February 3, 2018 (H30)

Learning from children

I have been teaching at elementary school field for 36 years.
There are many things taught through the relationships with my students, and I also have learned a lot.
They have taught me countless times how I live as a person and as a parent.
At the same time, I met many parents/guardians and faculty members through my students, and they have also taught me many.
People are ‘creatures who realize themselves by seeing others’
When you look at other people and look at other things you get involved with, I believe that you are actually looking at yourself without realizing it. 続きを読む…

SMILE Vol.31 January 28, 2018 (H30)

Lightning and thunder at dawn signal the arrival of spring

A few days ago, I was woken up by the lightning and thunder before dawn. “It is spring thunder(春雷-shunrai)! Spring is approaching!”, I got excited in bed and could not fall asleep anymore. When I got out of bed, I looked up the definition of the word “春雷”. “春雷”means thunder that forms from March through May, which signals the arrival of spring. It is also called “虫出しの雷(mushidashi-no-kaminari, meaning bug-poking thunder)”, because it wakes up the insects that has been hibernating over winter. My body and soul must have been longing for spring to arrive from recent extreme cold weather.
For ages, Japanese people reflected changes of four seasons onto their calendar. We have been embracing the seasons and lived with them side by side. We are feeling the seasons with our five senses. 続きを読む…

SMILE Vol.30 January 20, 2018 (H30)

Doing ordinary things everyday with plain mind is extraordinary

Everyone tries to achieve success. However, getting quick results from discovering an accelerated path to achievement is rare. Doing ordinary things every day is harder than it sounds. It is actually an extraordinary talent to be able to continue a consistent effort every day.
“If we call a person who can achieve something without effort a genius, I am not. If we call a person who achieves something due to his or her effort a genius, I think I am. If you think I can hit a ball without much effort, that is wrong.” So said Ichiro, who is a genius of hard work. 続きを読む…

SMILE Vol.29 January 13, 2018 (H30)

Without truth, honesty, and courtesy is a farce and a play!

This was the words of “Nitobe Inazo” who studied in the suburbs of Philadelphia the early Meiji era. He participated in the meeting at Morris House (main building) together with “Uchimura Kanzo” .
Well, let me explain the words at the first paragraph. There are the four Confucian virtues “benevolence, justice, courtesy, and wisdom” (Jin, Gi, Rei, Chi). Among them, especially “Rei” is a concrete representation of spiritual wealth. If that “Rei” is done by pressing, or if it is just a form, it can’t be helped even if it is told that it is a play or a farce.
The important thing is to be faithful and honest. We want to live faithfully every day. 続きを読む…

SMILE Vol.28 January 6, 2018 (H30)

Happy New Year!

It is said that from the ancient times “It is important to start with a great New Year’s Day”. Now we have reached the new year, I think it’s important for children to have their own new goals.
In addition, the third semester is also an important time to summarize the current grade and prepare for the new grade at the same time.
Three Months from now, you will be reaching to a new grade. It’s time to review your learning attitude, lifestyle and know what you have to do to improve.

SMILE Vol.26 December 9, 2017 (H29)

Being different is OK! Human Rights Week

Human Rights Week is between December 4 and 10. This is a week to learn about differences among ourselves, and to celebrate them.
When you parents notice that your children are involved with bullying or hurting somebody, it is your responsibility to teach them it is a shameful act. In so doing, it is better to tell them your genuine feeling about how much you love them, wish them to grow as nice people, and share the hurt feeling about your children being involved with bullying and discrimination instead of lecturing them about common sense morality.
In addition, I believe it is important that parents themselves show children by not having prejudice or discrimination against anybody.

Smile News Letter SMILE Vol.24 November 18, 2017 (H29)

The smaller the child is, the more it can be expected that they grow to be role model

The smaller a child is, the more it can be expected that they grow to be role model. The older they become, the less it can be expected that they grow to be role model.
For example, if parents wish their child to be a considerable, kind and warm-hearted child, parents should live so that the child can see the way parents wish their child to be. However, because parents do not act and just wish, they have to nag at their children.
I’ve always thought that children would not follow what parents say. However, children learn a lot from what parents act and imitate it well. If children do not copy what parents do and follow as what parents say, all children would grow up to be so brilliant. This is true to caregivers and teachers and education would become much easier. (Masami Sasaki “A gaze towards a child”)

SMILE Vol.22 October 28, 2017 (H29)

More family time in the fall!

According to the “Koujien,” a popular Japanese dictionary, 『団欒(だんらん) (family get-together)』 means to sit in a circle and chat happily. Aren’t we reminded that we spend very little time as a family? Why don’t we create more family time and enjoy some family activities such as family reading night, hiking on weekend, or a museum visit showcasing some kids art? Of course a simple dinner with all family members would be a great idea, too! Can we take a moment and think how we can enjoy this fall season as a family? 続きを読む…