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SMILE Vol. 4 May 26, 2018 (H30)

A sports day should be held in fall or spring

In my childhood a sports day was held always at autumn. It was an event symbolic of autumn.
An autumn has a lot of fruits and we could eat persimmons, pears grapes and chestnuts at lunch time. It was a great fun. We had firecrackers at the beginning and the last “Hail Cheers”, all day long, exciting. It was a festival of the region.
Well, recently more schools are being held in spring than in autumn. The reason is that there are more junior high schools and high schools that decide the transition in spring in preparation for the exam. Summer is tough, they are worried about typhoons and rain. The advantages of the spring, especially in May, the children can have the experience of a sense of accomplishment and an achievement. And also May has a lot of sunny days. They might have a strong friendship with friends at that time.
Are you a spring people or autumn people? I am very old man therefor I have a very stubborn and I have had the idea that a sports day should have at autumn.
It’s fun to move your body and it’s a very meaningful to work together to accomplish one thing. I wish the children would be able to show their shinning appearance and a lot of smiles.







SMILE Vol.3 May 19, 2018 (H30)

Recognized co-existent with nature through the Volcano

Hawaii volcano from Kilauea erupted and it is in the news every day. Every time I see the picture of the eruption, I have indescribable feelings. I grew up at the bottom of Mt. Aso which is an active volcano. Mt. Aso erupted time to time and I had scary experiences every time that happened. However we also experienced the benefits of the volcano. It could be a beautiful scenery and there could be also some hot springs. Also the land that was created by the lave and gravel provide people a living space and provide crops from the soil through underground water. In the long history, people face the nature like volcano and co-existed with their knowledge’s.

今週のお知らせ 5月11日


SMILE Vol.2 May 13, 2018 (H30)

Energized by Fresh Spring Green

While I was driving, I realized that Philadelphia is a city with lots of green. I am a little sad that the Sakura came to an end, however, “Fresh spring green” is right there and giving me energy. Sakura makes everyone happy, but just like Sakura, this fresh green is attractive by giving us Peace and lots of energy. School has already past its first month. The students are getting used to the new school environment and are starting to focus on their studies. I hope the spring green will give them a lot of energy.