Japanese as a Heritage Language for Children

The Heritage Japanese Course (Keisho-Nihongo) for children is offered in four different levels according to each student’s age and competence in Japanese.

Keisho-1 : 6-9 years old
Keisho-2 : 8-12 years old
Keisho-3 : 10-14 years old
Keisho-4 : 12-18 years old

The classes start in the beginning of April to coincide with the Japanese school year.

Upon registration, a placement interview with the course director is mandatory for both students and parents. Some students might be required to take a written test. After being appropriately placed, most students stay in each level for two to three years before advancing to the next level.

In all levels, students learn language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing, as well as Japanese culture. Homework is assigned every week, and completing it is very important. Please note that assistance from native speakers at home is critical to improve students’ learning experience at JLSP.

Our classes are conducted only in Japanese, and no English is allowed during the class. Correspondence between school and home is mostly in Japanese as well.

Our school relies heavily on parental volunteers : Everyone takes part in helping the library, fund-raising, events, acting as parking attendants, making copies for the teachers and so on.