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About the Japanese Language School of Philadelphia

Founded in 1973, The Japanese Language School of Philadelphia is a 501c(3) non-profit organization supported in part by the Japanese Ministry of Education.
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The bilingual curriculum was founded to address a growing interest by the community in the culture and language of Japan. These classes, open to both children (6 to 12) and adults, offer a basic introduction to the modern Japanese language.

Course Offerings:
Note: The Japanese Language School utilizes a "Trimester" school year; 3 separate semesters comprise 1 year.

Japanese 1 ~ 4 (for children 6 to 12 years old) - for more information, please contact the school office at

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Adult 1 - Elementary Japanese 101-103
This class is a basic introduction to Japanese language and culture.  Mountain  Both High School students and adults are welcome here.  Students will begin to learn how to speak and understand Japanese as well as to read and write Hiragana.  An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese (The Japan Times) is used as the main text.  The workbook is also used in this course.

Adult II - Elementary Japanese 201-203
A continuation of Japanese I and II, this course provides students with more interaction with Japanese people.  Students will further study Japanese grammer with emphasis on reading and writing, introducing Katakana and basic Kanji.  An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese (The Japan Times) and an accompanying workbook are also used in this course.

You will have opportunities to practice your core conversational skills with a native Japanese "Conversation Partner".

Adult III - Intermediate Japanese 301-303
This course is for students who have mastered the Elementary Japanese Courses.  In addition to extensive practice in reading, writing, and conversational skills,cultural aspects are introduced to clarify the Socio-Linguistic context.  The texts used in this course are An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese and the accompanying Workbook.  This class can be used as preparation for the Japanese SAT II as well as the Japanese Proficiency Test administered by the Government of Japan.

Location & Schedule

The Japanese Language School of Philadelphia utilizes the campus of:

OshiroFriends Central School
1101 City Avenue
Wynnewood, PA

(In the Thomas A. Wood Building)

Class Schedule
Classes meet on Saturday mornings from 9:20 AM and end at 12:30 AM.

Trimester Schedule (school year starts with Fall Semester):

Classes Offered
1st Sat. of Sept.
3rd Sat. of Dec.
101, 201, 301
1st Sat. of Jan.
2nd Sat.of Mar.
102, 202, 302
1st Sat. of April 1st Sat. of July
103, 203, 303
[no class]
[no class]
[no courses offered]

(dates are subject to change, please confirm with School when registering)




Also, the school holds Kendo and Judo practices for students on a limited basis

If you are interested in attending class, you should fill out the
Registration Form, and return it to JLSP.

Contact Information

  Questions? Please contact our offices:

Tree image Tuesday ~ Friday
10:00 AM ~ 4:00 PM
(610) 642-1202

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Mailing address:
Fishie The Japanese Language School of Philadelphia
1445 City Line Avenue
Wynnewood, PA 19096

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